Consider Community Marketing


Tips on how to engage your community.

First, we need to define what community marketing is all about.

It can be your local and personal networks or groups you are involved in, as well as the evolution of social media communities. Belonging to community groups and/or social media groups have gotten easier for other to interact with others through outlets such as book clubs, MeetUp, Facebook, and LinkedIn to name a few channels.

Community, allows you have access to others in a non-intrusive but familiar way. You don’t have to think big, be complicated or be expensive when it comes to community marketing efforts, think locally, commonality, and theme.

When you are part of a community, people generally want to give their support to family, friends and to organizations that mean something to them. A sense of belonging is essential to most people and with an authentic connection, communities can expand and cultivate customers for your business.

Questions to ask yourself.

What’s going on in my communities and groups, I belong to?

Are the members my target audience for my business or product I sell?

What is the best way to educate my community audience so that they are benefiting from me or my business?

Lastly, how can I support the community groups I'm apart of?

Get to know your community members and think about how and where they spend their time. Search for opportunities to get in front (digitally or physically) of your prospective customer with your great marketing message.

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