Discovering through the art process.

I wanted to remix an original design/art piece I created in 2016 call Wamen 2A. The thought behind this piece was about fragmented identity. How there are aspects of ourselves, we don’t share with others that follow us privately as we live our lives. Another reflection I had was the mourning of the past to make way for the new. The bright yellow represented a colorful and vibrant life. Fast forward almost three years, I wanted to revisit the print and remix it from my perspective today. Kinda like a self-assessment through the art process.

Unlike the original, the remix is slowly uncovering more define conceptions of what I want to focus on. Also, in this piece, I am merging photography and illustration together. For those who don’t know, I started my career in photography, my education was in Visual communication focusing on photography and design with a Minor in Art Studio. Somewhere between life, I lost that drive and love for pictures. I believe creating SMF seven years ago was my creative self crying for that kind of outlet.

I like this remix, this experience was a great exercise. I may go back to other creatives and reevaluate where I stand with all of them today.