Seven Years Ago.


Seven years ago, I created She Moves Forward as an outlet for my creative expression while I was working in a corporate setting.

Today #SMF focuses on traditional and non-traditional creative work and services such as;
Design Marketing, Visual Art, Wear Art, and Visual Arts Education (Coming soon).

As I continue to explore my creative talent and curiosity for problem-solving, I look forward to sharing and engaging others with my ideas. My focus for the next seven years will be about concepts into actions, growth, and hopefully making an impact. Two inspiring examples I am developing right now are my Wear Art Collection and Visual Arts Education.

I'm currently completing my graduate degree in Community Arts/Visual Arts Education, being in this program has allowed me the opportunity to expand the creative process of building different curriculums for the arts in an exciting way that will complement the creative work I'm already doing with SMF. I'm so excited to see the organic growth and the tremendous potential SMF can become.

So come visit us She Moves Forward and be apart of the work we are doing.

Nadege D. TessonoComment