Case Study Outline | June 2019

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Community: Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts

Who is the Community?  
Sixty four Haitian artists creating artwork of various influences and mediums producing work of the history and representations of landscapes, spirituality, abstract expression, etc. The community is spread throughout Massachusetts, what connects them are the issues, the nostalgia of "back home" and the elasticity, creativity, and sustainability of the Haitian people and culture through migration. The artist captures experiences of there everyday lives impacted by issues on migration, self-identity, immigration, public health, food scarcity, education, and so on.

Ultimately, the community is collective individuals with different walks of life and shared experiences. It is various artists who may have different views, styles, and medium art forms of expression, however, are united by certain common traits influenced by origin, particular causes, and ideologies. "These experiences connect them through longevity, trails, tribulations, and successes as an assembly." (include footnote)

“Community is an umbrella concept that a group and individuals have a common background, purpose, interest, and issues to address shared themes through the individual and collective lens to find solutions and grow as a community. “

- Charlot Lucien, Haitian born storyteller

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How does "social and cultural capital" Impact the community?

The unique and purposeful decision to be an Assembly and not just a non-profit organization allows for the freedom and flexibility to connect to all Haitian artist and not just limited by a specific location, although the assembly is primarily housed in Massachusetts the assembly gathers in different locations several times a year to connect to work on themed projects.

According to the founder, one physical location doesn't allow for access and exploration of shared experiences. Gathering in various places it allows for exhibits displayed everywhere for education, discussion of issues, and revitalization of Haiti.


Does multi-generational Haitian artist preserve its culture through storytelling when Haitians immigrate to another country?

(335-429) Stories are passed on because of the migration experience around these shoes rule here and you see paintings by artist who are focusing on the crossing of the ocean On A Boat Lonely you are looking at this painting that show those people who are good people in the dark in the forest they are fleeing fear you look at this painting where you see bodies hanging of the Statue of Liberty experience of people who are supposed to be the art can be diesel vehicles channel where the artists are conveying their pain Suffering The Tragedy of all the fear of losing as people as the fleet was of circumstances in Haiti that are caused by external forces and then put in a place where I think all these thought that you would see her life and prejudice and discrimination to transmit the feels experience he’s lost hopes and what day are experiencing here In there painting so you’ll see things other than surrealistic paintings of them being very symbolic experience and pant reminiscence both what day Landscapes flowers the birds walki

History of Community. 

The Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts was created in Boston in 1995 by a group of artists in various disciplines and has produced dozens of cultural and artistic shows in New England over the past 20 years. (570 -737)

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What's Present? 

They assemble several times a year to work and create a body of work on themed topics for exhibition, educations and celebration.

What's Missing?  The next generation.

Research Question.

How does The Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts community sure up the gap between generations through visual storytelling?

My Definition of Community?

Community is about people. Community is both a feeling and a set of relationships among people. People form and maintain communities to meet common needs.

Key Findings

  • Redefining the narrative of public perception through the exploration of the arts.

  • Organic education and workshops for the youth and adults lead by the exhibits and conversations of work.

  • Throudpic expression, talking about finding home in a new place

  • evolution of generational expression (430 - 560)


Data Collection




How do we connect the generations, so the history doesn’t get lost due to migration?

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